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Large hand-illustrated French Menu dated May 25, 1947. This menu was made for a First Communion, painted on front and back covers as well as the interior. The menu was signed by family and friends that were present at the event. The front cover depicts a religious figure on a train along with a large religious figure with many bottles of wine. Roughly translates: “Jeannot Leclerc/First Solemn Communion/Menu/In time, the Lord said: “Woe to St. Lo”/and we venerate this holy day our great Patrons/St.Estephe/St. Emilion/Ste. Croix du Mont/Amen….the bottle!” Depicted on the first interior page is an illustration of a scroll and a large man smoking a cigar. Translates: “It is a treat to see my first’s communion/If you are really well happy and cheerful/Praise the stove/Thank the master of the house/and in memory of this memorable precious day/Leave me a sly autograph/ So you are able to write.” Under this illustration and writing is the signatures of over 10 people with a couple of longer notes. On the facing page, many cheeky illustrations depicting the Menu which is also illustrated on this page. Translates: “First, as a prelude/a light breakfast, enough to maintain an outfit for vespers/ Les hors d’oeuvres – traditional/Hen/ The Rice/Salad of our gardens/Whipped cream as a large Steeple/Mocha/Now that the ceremonies are completed, it is worth giving serious attention/This famous dinner, we will enjoy/Winter Soup/The Salmon CanapĂ© Louis XIII (epic)/The Lamb/Chicken/the Mushrooms of the dead/The other salad/The assorted cheeses-delights the boss/The Pies-super comfort/The Fruits-First Headlines/The bomb/To properly finish this meal/Champagne/Contraband Coffee/liqueurs/And all these good things pleasantly watered by/Bergerac, St. Estephe, Cote d’Or 1942, Chateauneuf du Pape/Bon Appetit!!”/ Depicted on the back cover is a man with a finished meal and a easel. Translated: Poverty is often the ransom? Engineer/The order of the day N. Lemaine railroaders/With wishes of genuine affection/for his family young Communicant Jeannot/25.5.47/First Solemn Communion” with the signature of the artist. A fabulous one of kind item!