Lizzy Young Bookseller

After spending many years in the kitchen, Elizabeth Young has jumped out of the fire and into the steamy world of Antiquarian book selling. Gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge from her father, Roy Young of RoYoung Bookseller Inc., Elizabeth has a gig of her own, specializing in anything and everything associated with the wonderful world of food and drink.

But don’t let Elizabeth’s particular passion stop you from looking for your own.What is your passion? Whatever it is, there is a book out there waiting to be discovered. For Elizabeth, combining the love of history, learning, and the world of food/wine, is a dream come true. Sharing knowledge is the core ideal behind lizzyoung bookseller. Our mission is: PROMOTING PASSION IN BOOK COLLECTING. So let lizzyoung bookseller Inc. help you discover your passion!

Check out our online inventory which is updated frequently with finds from near and far. You will find in-depth information about each listing, with details that help explain the particular value of each item.

If you don’t find exactly what your looking for, contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any additional research into what ever field you may be interested in.