Fabrique d’Articles de Bourcherie & Charcuterie

Catalog A [Trade Catalog] Paris, c. 1910. Vergne & Cie. 72 pages. Everything one would need to open a butcher...

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Album des Fusils de Bouchers et de Table

Rameau. [Trade Catalog]. Paris: Mongin, 1902. 16 pages. Illustrated lithographed trade catalogue on the firm’s...

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Southern Comfort Barmate

Southern Comfort/Playboy. Home Bartenders’ Guide to Expert Drink Mixing. St. Louis: Southern Comfort...

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Summer Comfort Happy Hour Barguide

Southern Comfort. Recipes for great drinks that put thirst in the shade. St. Louis: Southern Comfort Corporation,...

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[POSTCARD] The Longest Bar in the World

Tijuana, Mexico. Los Angeles: M. Kashower Co. , c. 1928. 14 x 9 cm. “White Border” postcard featuring...

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Paris Cuisine

Beard, James A. & Watt, Alexander. Drawings By Vladimir Bobri. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1952. First...

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Old English Drinking Songs

Cincinnati: Byway Press, 1903. 63 pages of song. 17 x 13 cm. Limited edition #339 of 350. Old English Drinking...

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Not A Station But A Place

Clancy, Judith S.  Drawings/Collages of and related to the Gare de Lyon, Paris. San Francisco: Synergistic Press,...

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[MENU] Cataract House, Niagara Falls

Whitney, Jerauld & Co. Proprietors. Niagara Falls, NY, 1884. 21 x 14 cm. Single page fold-out menu. Dinner,...

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Adventures in Good Cooking and the Art of Carving in the Home

Hines, Duncan.  Bowling Green, Kentucky: Adventures in Good Eating, Inc., 1942. Third Edition. Unpaginated. 19 x...

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[MENU] Merry Christmas, 1880 SHERIDAN HOUSE

Bismarck, D.T. – E.H. Bly, Proprietor. North Dakota, 1880. 12 x 7.5 cm. Illustrated 1880 Christmas menu. An...

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Sloppy Joe’s Cocktail Manual

Rios, Agustin (compiled by). Havana: F. Diaz, 1939. 62 pages. 12.5 x 8.5 cm. This small but substantial cocktail...

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[MENU]The What Cheer Restaurant -And- Oyster House

 Buda & Gamble, Props. St. Louis, MO: A. DeBolt & Co. . 22 x 14 cm. c. 1904. Blue folded menu, most...

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[PHOTOGRAPHY] Archive of Restaurant Souvenir Photos

29 Souvenir photos in illustrated jackets. The Beachcomber, Miami Beach – “home of the zombie”...

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The Bon Vivant’s Companion

Zabriskie, George A. (Compiled for His Friends). Or How To Mix Drinks. “The Doldrums” Ormond Beach,...

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[MENU] Hapsburg Restaurant – Illustrated letterpress menu (with watercolor highlights)

(Ludwig Bemelmans?). New York, 1934. 39 x 18 cm. Ludwig Bemelmans became a partner in the New York City...

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