[COOKERY] Manuscript recipe book

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18th Century. 34 leaves. 12 1/2 x 8 inches (315 x 205 mm). First four leaves and last 3 leaves remargined with acid free paper (Kozo tissue, Methlyl Cellulose adhesive, Distilled water), loose. Recipes numbered starting with #14 and ending with #180. Twenty seven leaves stitched without binding. Housed in custom made acid free tie-up portfolio. Eighteenth century cooking manuscripts are scarce and typically found in poor condition due to their heavy use in the kitchens of the day; the current manuscript is in mostly very good condition, some spotting and edgewear thoughout but internally quite clean, despite the lack of binding. Recipes include: To make Quince Wine, To make Orange Wine, To make Elder Wine, To make Mead, A Ragone of Hogs Ears, To Frigusea Sheep Trotters, To Stew a Legg of Mutton, To Broyle Pigeons Whole, To Make Mince Pyes, and many more. This cookbook most likely originated from a family of means.