[Domestic Life] Women! Save Your Hands

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The Stovene Manufacturing Company. Portsmouth, N.H.: The Stovene Manufacturing Company, c. 1895. 8 1/2 x 4 x 3 inches. Point-of-sale or retail shopping bag advertising “Stovene Stove Polishing Mitten for shining your Stove.” Dated c. 1895 with identical advertising copy seen within the Boston Sunday Post & The Allentown Leader, both for the year 1895. The product sales pitch on the bag is addressed to women and is brief and to the point – just the right amount for an ad placed on a utilitarian and ephemeral object like a shopping bag: “Women! Save your hands…Buy a mitten for 15 cents and get a ten-cent box of Stovene [stove polish] free! The shine on your stove lasts twice as long when polished with Stovene as when blackened with other stove polishes. Stovene stove polish was manufactured by the Stovene Manufacturing Co. of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The company was formerly called John Torrey Manufacturing Company, but was renamed in 1895. Advertising in the 19th century, once again targeting women in the domestic sphere. Gussested paper bag; folded flat; text imprinted on upper panel. Rubber stamped at top “S.O.S. Defiance 2.” Manufacturer’s hole punch at top of lower panel. Minor wear at some edges. Printed Bag. Very good.