General Store Ledger [Bennington, VT]

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Two large volumes – Vol. I 425 pages, Vol. II 428 pages, both 41 x 18 cm. Each uniquely hand tooled. Vol. I first noted entry date is November 8th, 1832 with hand written entries through March 14th, 1833. Vol. II first noted entry date is May 1833, with hand written entries through January 31st, 1834. A fascinating look into the daily purchases and lives of northern New England in the early 1800’s. Vol. I first couple of pages discusses the purchase of a lot, work time lost by an individual, followed by the first entry of purchases on Monday June 25th, 1832 – “Dr. Ira Hawks by Daughter, 1 pair Cotton Hose 34, 1 spool thread 8, 1 skn. silk 5 = 47” – “Dr. Jos. Ogden by Daughter, 8″ Brown Sugar, 67” continuing on with other purchases such as pen knives, finger rings, black silk brade, pair scissors, buttons, large crackers, mollasses, tea, etc. Vol. II commences with an “Account of Potter’s Lost Time – Monday May 1833 in the afternoon Mr. Potter commenced work at $32 per month. He boards himself.” The account precedes with the varying reasons “Mr. Potter” lost time – “July 8. lost 1/2 day Hunting, August 3rd lost or worked for self, August 8 Lost Day to See Shows, Oct. 3 Lost 1 day Picking Apples” and the last entry “Dec. 5 – 1 day Thanksgiving” (Thanksgiving was not nationally proclaimed until Lincoln proclaimed it in 1863).