[PHOTOGRAPHY] Archive of Restaurant Souvenir Photos

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29 Souvenir photos in illustrated jackets.

The Beachcomber, Miami Beach – “home of the zombie” c. 1940’s

Restaurant Madrillon, Washington D.C. – Dec. 1943, annotated

Treasure Island, Washington D.C. – c. 1940’s

Bimbo’s 365 CLUB, San Francisco – “Home of the Girl in the Fish Bowl” Jan. 1945

Latin Quarter, NYC c. 1940’s

Crawford House Theatre Restaurant, Boston c. 1940’s

Cafe Zanzibar, NYC – c. 1940’s, annotated

Souvenir of Coney Island, NYC – “Lost Week End” c. 1940’s

Steack & Brew, Ft. Lauderdale – c. 1960’s

(six) Ruby Foo’s Beachcomber, Providence, RI – 1940, 41, 42, 43 (2), 45, annotated

Ceasar’s Monticello Restaurant, Framingham, MA – c. 1950’s

Fox and Hounds Club, Boston, MA – c. 1940’s

The Gay Nineties, Boston, MA – c. 1940’s

(two) 5 o’clock club, Miami Beach, c. 1940’s

Blinstrub’s Village, Boston, MA – c. 1940’s

(two) The Mayfair, Boston, MA – c. 1940’s

[generic] Dining and Dancing, NYC – c. 1940’s

(four) Latin Quarter, NYC – c. 1940’s

Au Lutin, Montreal, Montreal – 1945

The Latin Quarter, Boston, MA – c. 1940’s.